Mother. Teacher. Leader.

I want to bring a sense of INTEGRITY back to education.

I have spent my entire career educating our community’s children and throughout that time, I’ve learned what is good and what needs improving in our education system. Somewhere along the line, our education system forgot the fundamentals, and educating kids was no longer the priority. 

Like you, I want an education system that respects parents’ rights, holds all students and adults responsible for their actions, and has an environment that attracts the best teachers.

Help me ensure safe schools for students and teachers, where all relationships are based on mutual respect. Let’s demand a transparent school district that respects the taxpayer, answers to parents, and does not impose social or political beliefs on our students. Once and for all, let’s build schools around our teachers and a workforce that is adequately compensated for their work and commitment.


Debbie and Kevin have raised two wonderful daughters in Osceola County, who are accomplished and well respected in their job and graduate school.


Debbie has spent 16 years in the classroom as an Osceola County teacher, with 2 prior years as a substitute and professional support staff member. She has also served her students and schools in various capacities outside of her classroom.


Debbie has the internal fortitude to take on the difficult challenges without compromising her integrity.

It’s time to take our schools back.

– Debbie Mann

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